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JHOMES, your home for exclusive real estate opportunities within Jerusalem’s finest neighborhoods. Our firm has: 15 Highly qualified Professional Agents; English, Hebrew, French and German speaking, available at your disposal. Years of experience working with overseas clients from around the world. Contacts with many specialists for all your Real Estate related needs. We try to make your New Real Estate purchase smooth sailing as can be testified by hundreds of satisfied clients. Finally, we ensure a thoroughly professional and courteous service to all our clients and try our best to meet your needs. The company is owned and managed by Iftah and Yoav Ben Dayan, two brothers with years of experience in the real estate field. Our office is based on King David Street, in the prestigious area by Mamilla Boulevard and the King David Hotel. Our strategic location attracts numerous high-quality buyers and sellers, local and foreign. Furthermore, our office cooperates with all Real Estate Agencies in Jerusalem to provide an expansive base of opportunities for our clients.

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